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Work culture

We provide EGO to our employees.

Equal Opportunity

SoftLink's policy is too consider applicants for employment solely on the basis of their qualifications and competencies. The hiring policy is geared to ensure that race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical disability, medical condition & socio-economic backgrounds don't affect the candidature.

We treasure our employees our greatest asset. We are determined to provide a work environment free of any form of illegal discrimination both direct and indirect, including sexual harassment. Further, SoftLink is committed to maintaining a workplace where each employee's privacy and personal dignity is respected and protected from offensive or threatening behavior including violence.

We encourage open discussion and debate and have a participative culture. We believe that each employee is a partner in our success and proactively solicit information from the employees. We respect the views of our employees and use these as guiding principles while designing employee policies and practices.

Growth In Career

SoftLink gives oppourtunities to young fresh graduates to demonstrate their skills by allowing them to spread their wings freely. By involving young talent in the entire Product Development Life Cycle, SoftLink accords its employees a multi-dimensional growth.

SoftLink provides a career platform where experienced candidates can make the most of their talents by helping the world's largest and most complex sector of Healthcare IT. With the global business and technology platform that SoftLink offers, employees can work on exciting projects, be recognized for their efforts and watch their career soar to new heights.

Open Culture

SoftLink provides a work culture that allows open and informal dialogue between employees and management. Teamwork plays an important role in the workplace and mutual respect is a key factor. With open communication, all employees are encouraged to speak freely with their management not only about their job-related concerns, but also new ideas & platforms.