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Vendor Neutral Archive

As Healthcare facilities evolve towards multi-department, multi-facility endeavors, they have to contend with the challenge of providing the highest quality patient care within the constraints of available budget. This evolution spawns an environment of disparate workflows, isolated data silos and custom formats, which do not readily lend themselves to data sharing. SoftLink’s VNA solution empowers the user to seamlessly integrate, at a multi-Enterprise level, DICOM entities for medical image storage and communication, HL7 entities for clinical information, as well as custom formats and legacy data. By consolidating the DICOM image data with the HL7 EMR data, SoftLink’s VNA becomes a single-point clinical portal to the patients’ complete medical record.

A Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is a solution designed to provide Healthcare facilities with the flexibility and scalability required for their growth, without being “locked-in” to the vendors that provide the solution. SoftLink’s VNA solution allows for consolidation of all the Enterprise-level image data into a single repository that can then be accessed across departments and facilities. In addition to having all features of an Enterprise PACS, it also interfaces with other Information Systems for Orders, Schedules, Reports, and other forms of HL7 communication.