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SoftLink TeleHealth

The midas touch of the doctor has always been the essence of doctor-patient relationship taking the pulse, tapping on and listening to the heartbeat, feeling lumps and at times just a pat to comfort, but there are times when this very touch is not available due to physical barriers, paucity of time or circumstances that are beyond human control.

SoftLink TeleHealth is a revolutionary platform that can work in tandem with Panacea HIMS, Imagine RIS-PACS or as an independent TeleHealth Solution. It enables consultation between patient and primary care physician or a specialist without a physical meeting. In an integrated mode, the consulting doctor will have access to patient records with charts, vitals, images and results of diagnostic tests prior to consultation, putting doctor in an informed position to offer best advice.

SoftLink TeleHealth Platform is a cloud based solution that can be used “Anytime Anywhere” with a baseline internet connectivity such as 3G Cellular Network. The platform is engineered in such a way that video consultation works in conjunction with EMR, even on low bandwidth and is independent of the devices or software platforms.

  • TeleHealth consultation is a great option for patients in remote areas as well as far off locations, where access to public transport is limited and visiting hospital is difficult.
  • Elderly patients with life style diseases require consultation at regular intervals and can use TeleHealth platform to manage their care from comforts of their home.
  • In this fast paced life style, self-medication has become a fashionable trend with young professional putting their health at risk and Telehealth can just be the solution they need.
  • Apart from doctor-to-patient communication, TeleHealth platform can help create networks to provide cross consultation from experts leading to collaborative practices and better care.
  • TeleHealth consultation can relieve the patient from visiting the doctor in person, especially when they are indisposed and need support for mobility.
  • TeleHealth Platform can facilitate 2nd Opinion from renowned doctors of national and international repute without having to visit them.
  • TeleHealth platform can be used to train paramedics, nursing staff as well as patients to ensure proper use of equipment and to take accurate readings in a home care setting.

  • SoftLink TeleHealth platform is integrated with EMR and allows upload of Case Sheet, Lab reports etc. prior to consultation, helping the doctor to diagnosis accurately.
  • Earn additional revenue by tele consulting while you are on the move, attending conference or traveling out of station.
  • Stay in touch with patients while away from your hospital or clinic with your smart phone.
  • TeleHealth consultations can eliminate the possibility of transmission of contagious diseases between patients and medical staff.
  • Offer consultation to patients remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • SMS and Email reminders about consultation and an ease of connecting at the given time, avoids “no shows” and wastage of time for doctors.
  • Doctors can write an e-Prescription and it gets sent automatically to the patient via email or SMS or WA at the end of session.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) safeguards you from medico-legal issues as well as maintains complete clinical information about patients for delivering better care.
  • Integrated Payment gateway facilitates billing, advance payments as well as ensures full proof accounting.
  • Cloud Based implementation allows you to get rid of in-house computing resources and need to maintain highly skilled, expensive IT staff.