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Registry FAQ


How is product distributed to customers? And what are the installation steps?

Product is usually installed and configured by SoftLink’s implementation team remotely. In case of complex environment or large enterprise, SoftLink will depute engineer onsite to install and configure the application.

What are the implementation models for registry software?

Software can be hosted on public cloud or as private colud at client premises.

 What protocols are used for transmitting data through the various interfaces (internal and external)?

Data from client browser to Application server on Cloud and Data from Application Server on Cloud to ACC NCDR web services flows over HTTPS.

How is data protected at rest in the database and in transit between various components (i.e. data encryption)?

Data in transit from database to client/registry is secured using https protocol. However, Data in database is not encrypted except for user credentials.

How long is data retained in the database server? What are the backup/recovery capabilities?

Data is retained as per hospital policy and could reside for a few years as well. Configurable scheduled backup and manual recovery options are available.

What plans, if any, exist for future maintenance releases? How frequently are these expected?

NCDR informs all vendors well in advance about major upgrades. SoftLink will be proactive to incorporate these changes on priority. Any blocking issues will be fixed in hot fix on ASAP basis. Enhancements / minor fixes are addressed in a quarterly release.

AFib Registry

What is this newest registry and what data is it looking to capture? 

AFib Ablation RegistryTM assesses the prevalence, demographics, acute management and outcomes of patients undergoing atrial fibrillation (AFib) catheter ablation procedures. Its data will support the development of evidence-based guidelines for AFib treatments that will improve outcomes for patients.

What are the specific data points AFib registry is planning to capture? 

While there are certain quantifiable data elements collected, this particular registry acquires information from patient interviews and is more qualitative in nature.

How is this data entered? Will I be able to transfer information that I am currently capturing through my EP recording system into the registry? 

Data is entered through well designed and user friendly web interface. To facilitate data entry, SoftLink HL7 interface engine is designed to import data from leading EP systems. SoftLink has already built HL7 import interface for St. Jude Medicals Claris/Workmate EP system and is planning to build similar interfaces for EP systems of other vendors namely GE, Bard and Siemens.

As the data collection process has already started how do I get started with AFib Registry.

Our AFib registry is cloud-based and you can get on board with AFib Registry by subscribing to it. Major advantage of this subscription model is that SoftLink will handle all the hardware and software maintance. You can simply enter registry informantion remotely from any Internet enabled computer or tablet for a montly subscription fee.

What other software or hardware components are required to utilize your AFib registry module? 

Our AFib registry contains its own database, so it can stand independent of any other system. There are typical hardware requirements on which the software runs, as well as certain network interface requirements. Since each hospital situation is unique, requirements might be more or less similar but may depend on the existing infrastructure.

We are constantly being asked by our clinical and marketing departments about clinical outcomes, How do we address it?

Our AFib registry has its own relational database and allows our client hospitals to export their data to worksheets such as Excel, allowing them to perform further analysis. Many institutions have stated that registries are the "scorecards" that hospitals and insurers rely on in today's healthcare market, and this provides them the tools they need.

What else is new about the SoftLink AFib Registry? 

Our AFib registry is capable of being deployed on a cloud that is being hosted by SoftLink or it could be deployed within hospital premises. This gives flexibility to hospital to choose an implementation model as per their requirements.