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The PANACEA system is a fully integrated, single-solution hospital information management system. As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built exclusively for hospitals and based on a multi-tiered network design concepts.

PANACEA is designed to replicate the day-to-day workflow of hospitals. It has uniform and intuitive graphical user interface across the hospital, giving users point and click access to all the business function with optimum use of keyboard and mouse.

The functions available throughout the PANACEA are created to address current and future organizational demands for all hospitals. Fully integrated system modules provide configurable solution that covers the complete healthcare and financial services spectrum within a hospital

At the core of PANACEA is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), made possible by the single integrated database design. The EMR integrates a Document Imaging & delivery system that allows the instantaneous scanning, storage and retrieval of both electronically generated and handwritten material from any terminal in the PANACEA system.

  • Front Desk
  • OPD / IPD Registrations
  • Clinical Reporting
  • Nursing Station / Ward Management
  • E.M.R
  • Billing & Receipts 
  • Lab Information System (LIS)
  • Blood Bank
  • Operation Theater
  • C.S.S.D
  • Financial Accounting
  • HR & Payroll 
  • Inventory Management (Stroes & Pharmacy)
  • Marketing Management 
  • Bio Medical Engg. & maintenance 
  • House Keeping 
  • Diet & Kitchen
  • Web Based MIS Reporting & Dashboard
  • Security & Administration

  • ICD 9/10 Code Support
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • HL7 Conformance
  • Seamless Integration with PACS / RIS
  • Bar Code Interface
  • Smart Card Interface
  • Lab Equipment Interface

  • Less chance of costly medical errors due to transmission and interpretation errors
  • Reduced wait times for test results and diagnosis
  • Doctors can access patients reports from anywhere
  • Continuous process improvement that will eliminate redundancy, save time and improve revenue
  • Expanded solutions for managing the intricacies of the revenue cycle
  • Better utilization of personnel and resources
  • Produce complete and reliable financial data
  • Streamline inventory, manage accounts and vendors, and eliminate manual, redundant tasks
  • Fast access to essential Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy information
  • Significant improvement in accounts receivable
  • Interfacing with various equipment