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Our Values

At SoftLink business is not done just as a business, but is considered as our responsibility towards the community. The way we do business is more important than the final results and we strongly believe that a business done the right way always yields best results. Each one of us understands his responsibility to achieve the common goal of bettering the health care system in the world through Health Care Automation.

That is why we look toward our shared principle ECHO as a unifying set of values to guide us in our mission. The ECHO principle sets us apart from other organizations and allows us to enjoy the reputation as a trusted organization that goes the extra mile to advance our customers’ success.

Learn what our ECHO principle means to us.


Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude. Our journey to excellence never ends. Even before we achieve a milestone, we start planning for next one for our clients. Every step we take is with single aim: success – Success through innovation, constant improvement and most importantly, by measuring the progress at each step, SoftLink stands for excellence in products, Service and efficiency.

Customer First

Warren Buffet had said “it takes decades to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it…”

For us the Customer always comes first. Every action of ours is focused with the Customer at the center. The golden principle that we follow is to think by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Exploring new markets or delivering new products, services or capabilities, it is a journey of collaboration with the customer.


Every step of Team SoftLink, big and small, is with a focus on what is ethically right. We strongly believe that Honesty may not allow us win many partners and clients but it will always get us the right ones. Honesty towards our employees, our customers and the Health Care industry in total is the most important pillar of SoftLink.

Organic Growth

We believe in growing the business and the Client relationship the Organic way. By keeping the fundamentals of the company right, Organic growth represents the true growth for the core of the company. It is an indicator of how well management has used its internal resources to expand profits. Organic Growth in the client relationship comes from the fact that our solutions have a clear and functional internal structure suited to evolve with the ecosystem of a hospital.