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Imagine - RIS PACS

Want to access medical images and reports anytime anywhere… Just Imagine!

IMAGINE RIS is one of the most comprehensive RIS packages available in the market today. It offers Scheduling, Registration, Technologist, Radiologist and Transcription workflows besides billing, custom reporting. The software not only provides bi-directionally integration with SoftLink’s IMAGINE PACS, but also provide Integration tool for most of the commercially available PACS and Modalities in the market.

It can be integrated with third party systems for Digital Dictation, Transcription, Modality Work list etc. The software may easily be customized by the practice to suit their specific requirements and workflow. IMAGINE RIS is ideal for small, medium & enterprise level of Diagnostic Centers with Radiology & Pathology. It can turn the dream of a paperless, integrated outpatient Diagnostic center into reality.


IMAGINE RIS offers several views to schedule patient appointments for patient radiology investigations, it takes less than a minute to schedule a patient. 


Technologists can view all the scheduled Patients with Procedure details, Prescriptions, Screening forms. Workflows may be customized to meet the specific needs of the practice. A summary containing pertinent data to the patient’s visit is available.


Radiologist can review past reports for a patient, see a summary of the patient’s history, and launch images on PACS systems. For dictation, the Radiologist may utilize the integrated digital dictation system within the IMAGINE RIS product or elect to use a third party voice to text technology. 


A transcription package is included with the IMAGINE RIS product, complete with formatting tools, user-definable macros, and medical dictionary spell checker. 


Radiologists will enjoy the ease and speed of signing and editing transcribed reports. With a single click, the Radiologist can move from one report to the next making the signing of an entire list quick and easy process. 


IMAGINE RIS includes a complete billing package. The reporting capabilities are limitless and all forms and reports are customizable. 

  • Reduced wait times for test results and diagnosis
  • Register, Schedule and Manage patient for Radiology Investigations 
  • Multi modality Connectivity
  • Zero foot print HTML5 web viewer
  • Better Image Quality
  • Lossless Image Transfer
  • Support Vendor Neutral Archival 
  • Seamless integration with HIS/RIS/PACS
  • Advanced image processing tool