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HCP DICOM Net - Enterprise Cardiac PACS

HCP DICOM Net is a cloud enabled, scalable enterprise PACS that provides seamless connectivity with Imaging Modalities and Information Systems within and across hospital networks. It offers advanced medical image visualization through a variety of viewers that empowers users to access images from anywhere with ease and reliability while maintaining the requisite security.

HCP DICOM Net is a Vendor Neutral Archive designed to support a multi-site, distributed network. It is based on a server-client architecture that provides centralized, web-based configuration & administration, audit trail and MIS capability. It can be interfaced not only with standard DICOM3 compliant systems but also supports data extraction and migration from Non-DICOM formats such as ACOM, Optimed, COMVIEW, Camtronics, Enconcert, GE Image Vault, Archium, etc.

HCP DICOM Net provides for improved data handling through its HIS/RIS integration for orders and reporting, Modality Worklist module, and patient demographics anonymization & reconciliation tools. This allows hospitals to consolidate isolated Patient Information and Studies from Catheterization Labs, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, CR, etc. to a Centralized Archive and achieve improved patient care and greater efficiency while maintaining low costs.

HCP DICOM Net supports multiple & multi-tier storage solutions that can be implemented on SAN, NAS, RAID arrays, Long Term Archives (LTA), and portable media (CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, LTO6 tapes). The scalable & distributed storage architecture allows HCP DICOM Net’s archiving solutions to grow and adapt to synchronize with the hospital’s storage and networking requirements and constraints.

Access to patient images is provided via:

  •  a multi-modal, multi-viewport Enterprise Viewer for enterprise-wide intranet based diagnostic quality viewing. 
  • a multi-modal, multi-viewport ActiveX Viewer for internet & intranet based viewing and integration with other Information Systems such as CVIS. 
  • a zero-footprint HTML5 based Web Viewer for quick viewing through a remote web browser. 
  • a media viewer for distribution along with Patient CDs/DVDs.

HCP DICOM Net thus provides an end-to-end platform for equipment connectivity, medical image & data integration and review, high capacity data storage & distribution and an architecture that adapts to a hospital’s evolution rather than the other way around. With HCP DICOM Net, hospitals experience significant improvements in their workflow efficiencies thus enhancing the decision making process for better patient care.

  • Multi modality, Multi patient and Multi view Enterprise PACS Viewer 
  • Dual Monitor Support for Work List and DICOM viewer 
  • Dock able toolbar and Filter Panels for Maximum area for Image Review 
  • Configurable Lay out for Series as well as Slices of Patient Image 
  • Multi View layout support extended up to 10×10 matrix  
  • Patient Reporting utility for ‘One-stop’ solution  
  • Annotate and Save still Images with “diagnostic” notes and comments 
  • Supports DICOM Print
  • Comprehensive ECHO measurements 
  • Support for DICOM SR, SC and encapsulated documents.
  • Specialized radiology viewer with features such as MIP/MPR and 3D review
  • Zero footprint and ActiveX plug-in based Web viewer for remote image review
  • Support for local and research archive of de-identified patient studies for clinical research
  • Web based configuration, Administration, MIS reports with Performance Monitoring
  • Archival on CD, DVD and Blue Ray Disc, LTO6 tapes
  • Support to Publish CD/DVDs with customized label using Network CD publisher with Embedded DICOM Viewer
  • Patient Reporting utility for ‘One-stop’ solution
  • Support for centralized DICOM IMPORT and EXPORT
  • Patient demographic reconciliation in PACS data
  • Patient Reporting utility for ‘One-stop’ solution
  • Intergration with HIS / RIS

  • US FDA 510K Aproved
  • Multimodality Connectivity
  • Zero foot print HTML5 web viewer
  • Supports Teleradiology 
  • Support Vendor Netural Archival 
  • Better Image Quality
  • Lossless Image Transfer
  • CD/DVD/Blu Ray Writing
  • Access Images from mobile
  • Seamless integration with HIS/RIS/PACS
  • Advanced image processiong tool