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CD Publisher

DICOM Net Publisher is one of the most comprehensive CD, DVD and BD publisher available in the market today. It is an ideal solution for high volume Imaging Centers, aimed at improving operational workflow. Being a Network publisher, it allows user to create CD/DVD/BD from across the enterprise. With DICOM Net Publisher, user gets multiple benefits, from saving cost of printing Films and Image storage to improving operational efficiency and benefiting the Image of the organization.

Key Features

  • It can be interfaced with different automated media publishing, such as Rimage, Primera etc.                
  • Conforms to industry standards including DICOM3 part 10                             
  • Disc creation can be directly from modality, DICOM server or Work Station          
  • Disc creation with anonymized patient info
  • Web Based request Processing
  • Email confirmation for Process completion
  • Embedded DICOM Viewer
  • Configure Label based of DICOM Information
  • Auto Splitting of Patient Image data on multiple CD/DVDs
  • Option to connect to multiple network CD publisher 


The goal of DICOM Net Publisher is to simplify workflow in a Hospital or a Diagnostic Centre, by improving CD/DVD creation efficiency. It helps reduce the cost of printing different CD/DVD/BD and save the time of moving around DICOM nodes to create jobs. This improved Workflow helps any Center to better meet customer’s service needs.

  • Simple to install, configure and use
  • Improved Image distribution
  • Simplifies Work flow
  • Customized Labeling
  • Affordable publishing solution
  • Improved Performance Standards