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Bayer Project Synopsis

The Medrad® Stellant® CT injection system with Certegra® Workstation is an integral part of Bayer’s CT Imaging solution designed to provide Radiation and Contrast Dose Management. The Certegra™ Informatics Platform consists of individual instances of the Certegra Workstation which have no concept of any other instance and as such provide for no common hierarchical concepts such as MIS reporting of Contrast Usage, Central Applications, Data redundancy, Central User Control; nor a variety of other concepts that would more readily demonstrate Certegra to be a true “software platform”.

Bayer teamed up with SoftLink with the desire to increase the value of Certegra to the customer as well as to its partner vendors and within Bayer itself. One of the primary vehicles for this increase in value was the development of the Certegra™ Central Application Platform which enables evidence-based decision making to improve patient outcomes, create workflow efficiencies and facilitate compliance.

The Certegra™ Central Application Platform was developed with SoftLink’s domain and technical expertise and with singular effort that allowed the integration of several Certegra Workstations into an aggregated platform that rendered itself to a variety of analytics and information mining. Through SoftLink, Certegra products today consistently advance how information is generated, mobilized and integrated in contrast-enhanced imaging, delivering new levels of efficiency and patient-centered care in CT imaging.